Toyota’s New Powertrain Raises the Bar on Fuel Efficiency

Sportier and cleaner. Everyone wins.

byShari Gab| UPDATED Mar 16, 2018 10:34 AM

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced a new all-encompassing powertrain coming this spring as part of a five-year plan to make a sportier and more fuel-efficient fleet. 

Sounds like a knockout combination if we’ve ever heard one. 

Already high-ranking in the fuel-economy game, the manufacturer stated that the new engine will jump off with a powerful, yet cleaner, 2.0-liter number. And the unit will be integrated first in the Toyota Yaris hatchback (i.e. the European/Japanese Corolla) revealed in Geneva with a mid-2018 launch.

According to Automotive News, the new engines and transmissions will power 80 percent of forthcoming Toyota vehicles. Appearing in the Camry sedan last year, the engine’s Dynamic Force feature has been tweaked and swooped-up to perform with an 18 percent improved fuel-efficiency and an 18 percent zippier acceleration. And when conjoined with a hybrid system, the engine will get 9 percent better fuel economy and 18 percent better speed out of the gates.

Part of what the company is calling the Toyota New Global Architecture module is the plan is to roll out one model at a time.  And the plan also includes creating lighter and easier to modify cars and trucks. In total, we can expect to see 17 iterations of nine new engines by 2021, accompanied by 10 iterations of six new hybrid systems and four new transmissions. 

It’s a another strong environmentally-conscious move for Toyota when combined with the anticipated 50 percent electrified fleet come 2030. Although, they’ll still continue to utilize fuel-based power plants well into 2030 and beyond. 

But Toyota's announcement comes alongside Ford's statement today that they will electrify most of their SUVs and surpass Toyota.

Let the fuel-economy games begin.