Video: Long Beach Puppy Perp Pursued by Po-Po

Dogs, patrolmen and a posh Mercedes-Benz SL. Just another day in SoCal.

byMax Goldberg| UPDATED Jul 27, 2019 1:29 PM
Video: Long Beach Puppy Perp Pursued by Po-Po

This pursuit is bizarre. Like, struggling-artist-living-under-a-bridge bizarre. First off, it involves a dog lady driving a vintage Mercedes-Benz SL. Ratcheting up the weirdness, the driver starts her flight from authority after having been parked on the shoulder of the 91 Freeway near Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach, Calif. To wrap it all up, speeds never exceeded 35 mph.

Although the fleeing vehicle maintains a rate of speed that could be described as lethally below the speed limit, it was clear its driver had no intention of stopping. Once this was clear to California Highway Patrol, a car decided to PIT the vintage Mercedes and bring the pursuit to a safe end. But that is far from the end of the story. As the lady exits the vehicle, six dogs of various breeds come spilling out and scatter across the 710 Freeway. As the woman sees her dogs run off down the now vacant highway, she embarks on what appears to be a temper tantrum before being detained by officers. After being ordered to the ground by surrounding officers, the driver did a solid impression of our favorite Russian Lexus driver. Once the woman is in custody, officers begin the slow, tedious—and potentially treacherous—work of wrangling the pups until all six canines are in the care of animal control. Is this the weirdest thing you have seen today? Probably not. But damned if you’re not entertained and/or disturbed.

As you might remember, our very own Benjamin Keeshin has had some experience wrangling many dogs into cars. Rather than leading police on a painfully slow chase, Ben decided to see how many dogs he could fit in the back of a Volvo V60 Polestar. Since the dogs we used to test out the V60’s cargo capacity were a little agitated, we totally understand how these fugitive pups felt when their joyride came to a jolting stop.