President Trump Plays in Fire Truck at the White House

It’s “Made in America” week, and they’re celebrating with all the big toys.

byKyle Cheromcha|
President Trump Plays in Fire Truck at the White House

It's "Made in America" week at the White House, and President Donald Trump decided to kick off the celebrations by arranging what's arguably a classic lineup of life-size Tonka Trucks in front of the South Lawn. And did you really think he wouldn't take the opportunity to mess around a little bit?

Recent history tells us that President Trump enjoys playacting the various dream jobs of a seven-year-old boy when given the chance, so all eyes were on him as he prepared to take a scheduled "tour" of all that domestic machinery after greeting the fifty manufacturers assembled at the White House. 

Given the choice between a CAT front-end loader, a Pierce firetruck, an Altec bucket truck, a classic Hinckley Yacht, and a Taylor forklift, the man did not disappoint. Walking with Vice President Mike Pence, President Trump made a beeline for the open door of the fire truck and hopped behind the wheel.

Unfortunately he did not play with the siren (the best part, of course), but he did spend almost thirty seconds in the cab, so it's safe to say he was enjoying himself. As Pence looked on like a proud father, Trump poked around inside before leaning out and unironically asking the crowd "Where's the fire? We'll put it out fast." 

And in one of the most 2017 moments of the whole episode, Saturday Night Live star and occasional Press Secretary Sean Spicer can briefly be seen perfectly framed in the side mirror as Trump and Pence mess with the door, recording the scene on his own phone.

The whole thing shows off one of the biggest (and most understated) perks of being president: you don't have to pick up your toys when you're done.