Someone Is Already Trying to Sell a Tesla Model 3 on eBay

This future Model 3 owner is attempting to arrange a sale months before taking delivery.

byAaron Brown|
Someone Is Already Trying to Sell a Tesla Model 3 on eBay

It's hard to stop the free market. A Tesla Model S owner is attempting to sell his yet-to-be-delivered Model 3 before even getting the chance to put a formal order in for the mass-market electric car, according to an eBay auction description.

According to the listing, the winner of the auction will be given the opportunity to spec a Model 3 to his or her choosing, and then be able to grab the car right after it's delivered to the person who made the posting and holds the reservation. The listing also explains that the person who originally paid the $1,000 to reserve the car will likely get the car sooner rather than later, because "the only people in front of my reservation would be current Tesla owners who put their deposits down in person, and there are not many of those," the auction says.

As noted in the listing, the eBayer isn't actually attempting to sell and transfer the reservation—that would be against Tesla's terms—but rather line someone up to buy the car once it's actually built and delivered.

The eBay user says in the listing that he or she wants to get out of future Model 3 ownership because of the Model S. 

"After owning my Model S for a year, I love it as much and more than I expected I would so I don't think I want to trade my Model S for a Model 3 just yet," he (or she) wrote in the post. 

From what we've seen, this is the first time any sort of ownership swap has been attempted, at least via eBay. If you're interested in paying your way to the front of the Model 3 line, now's your chance.