Chevy Corvette Driver Narrowly Escapes Death After Tree Falls on Him

Time to go buy a lottery ticket, dude.

byMax Goldberg|
Chevy Corvette Driver Narrowly Escapes Death After Tree Falls on Him

A Chevrolet Corvette driver named Sonny Dixon narrowly escaped with his life on Sunday, when his 1990s-era C4 Corvette gets completely obliterated by a falling tree. 

The driver was traveling on a road in Charlotte, North Carolina, when some bad weather rolled in on him, leaving Dixon stuck right in the middle of a blinding storm. One minute he couldn't see the nose of his car...the next minute a tree came crashing down on his Corvette. 

As you can see in the link, the Corvette sustained incredible damage, so you might assume the occupants died due to their injuries. Fortunately, this was not the case; Dixon walked away with relatively minor injuries. 

According to reports, Dixon was trapped in the car as the tree prevented him from self-extricating. Neighbors witnessed the incident and called the emergency services immediately. He was quickly removed from the vehicle and transported to a nearby hospital, where he received 22 stitches to his head. 

It is truly amazing to hear Dixon did not know a tree was coming at him and was still not squished (that's the medical term, I swear) by the multi-ton piece of nature. 

As for the 'Vette—well, Dixon told reporters he is not concerned about his Chevrolet Corvette, as he currently owns 15 other cars. Guess he's lucky in more ways than one.