Texas Thieves Attempt to Break Into 14 Cars, Including a Cop Car

The bold act only took a few minutes.

byMax Goldberg|
Texas Thieves Attempt to Break Into 14 Cars, Including a Cop Car

Police Departments have warned drivers time and time again to lock their cars after exiting, but for some reason, people still don't listen. This week, four men from the Fort Worth, Texas area broke into 14 cars and even attempted to break into a marked cop car. The quick operation seems to have taken place all in the course of a few minutes. 

Video surveillance released to Facebook by the Fort Worth Police Department shows four suspects in the process of committing the crime, one of whom is driving a late 1990s-era pickup truck. The truck appears to be acting a a get-away vehicle, just in case something should not go as planned. It is unclear from the video whether or not the suspects have done this before, but they appear to be taking a speedy approach to the operation, only going into unlocked cars and rummaging about once inside. 

The incident took place Tuesday morning between 4am and 5:30am on North Riverside Drive. Investigators are currently looking for four suspects and hoping further information will arise. Items stolen were approximately $50 in cash, CDs, clothes, a speaker amp, and golf clubs, according to police. 

Lock your cars, folks. It could save you a lot of money.