The Evening Rush for Jan. 21, 2016

Your nightly cull of automotive, gear and lifestyle news, all in one place.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Jan 21, 2016 10:59 PM
The Evening Rush for Jan. 21, 2016

The Evening Rush is your daily roundup of auto, gear, and lifestyle news, all in one place. Less time searching, more time driving. Motor on.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Hellcat is in testing, and man does it sound mean. Check out this super-brief—but super-tantalizing—launch video to hear 707 demonic horses coming to life.

For $999 you can now add two rear seats to your 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R. Obviously this is because you care about your kids and want to make the first financially responsible purchase of the year… or you want your buddies to feel how fast your GT350R is. Yeah, let’s go with that one.

Rumors? Consider yourselves confirmed. The Porsche 911 R will be heading to the Geneva Motor Show this year. Essentially a stripped-down, manually shifted GT3, the 911 R is truly a purist’s Porsche that is bound to bring a big smile to any Porsche-phile’s face.


Snow may finally be here, but snowboarders shouldn’t have to track it into their cars. Spend a little extra money and save your nice interior by purchasing a Thule Universal Snowboard Carrier 575. Just don’t forget to strap those boards in.

Leica has always made amazing cameras, but wowsers are they delicate things. Enter the new Leica X-U. Built to withstand dust, water and medium impacts, the X-U helps you keep your eye on your subject—which may well be a rampaging rhino.



Volcom and Rains have collaborated to make waterproof skatewear. Although this sounds like a curious collabo, the line includes a waterproof bucket hat that won’t get you laughed out of the skatepark or the track paddock.


Bowling used to be a blast when you and all your other fifth-grade friends went for a birthday party. Fortunately, bowling does not get boring with age; it actually gets way more fun—and not just because of the white russians. If you’re in New York this weekend, check out one of these eight bowling alleys while the snow swirls outside.