History’s 10 Most Hideous Mazda Miatas

Pushing the boundaries of DIY design (and good taste).

byMax Goldberg|
History’s 10 Most Hideous Mazda Miatas

The MX-5 Miata is an icon, beloved by millions. There are endless owner’s clubs and online forums, a single-make racing series, even, all revolving around Mazda’s plucky little roadster. As the best-selling convertible sports car in history, it’s not surprising that more than a few of these Japanese gems have undergone serious DIY surgery. Unfortunately, we aren’t all born with an eye for design. Some Miatas have fallen a bit short in the quest for excellence.

Big Blue - Every Miata goes through a time in its life trying to find its “inner self.”
Miatapooling - I am all about that Miata life, and so are my three friends!
Miataman - He's the hero Texas deserves. But not the one it needs right now. (Or ever).
The Bastard Child - Two beautiful parents, one ungodly child.
The Golden Nugget - Look out, Mayweather, there’s a new sheriff in town.
Dumpster Baby - What the? I don’t even...
Mr. Practical - How will you get out of helping your friends move now?
The Oil Slick - Someone couldn’t decide between Spy Hunter and coal-roller.
Jeep Killer - Needs less doors.
The Dark Knight - Please, please, say the eyes light up.

C’mon, guys, we’re just playing.

We love you all.

— The Drive