Ride a Superbike on a Racetrack as a Dunlop M4 Suzuki Two-Seater Passenger

MotoAmerica Events Feature two-up rides on the Dunlop M4 Suzuki two-seater to Benefit the Roadracing World Action Fund.

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You too can ride a Superbike around a racetrack, at speeds of up to 170 mph. You can do this as a passenger on the back of the Dunlop M4 Suzuki Two-Seat Superbike, piloted by retired professional racer Chris Ulrich, at all of the MotoAmerica Road Racing events. The rides benefit the Roadracing World Action Fund.

Take it from someone who has done it, there is nothing—absolutely nothing—that you might have done in your life that comes close to the intensity of this experience. That includes jumping out of airplanes, launching from bridges with your ankles tied to bungee cords, or running in front of a train. Riding the bike is open to VIPs, media, and, for a fee, race fans. 

The motorcycle is a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 superbike, outfitted with a passenger seat, passenger foot pegs, and a grab rail bolted to the fuel tank. If you think that wrapping your arms around a stranger who is taking you to three-digit speeds is too intimate for you, be assured that, after 50 yards, you will be hugging Ulrich as if he were your favorite blanket.  

The Dunlop M4 Suzuki Two-Seat Superbike Program, is managed by Team Hammer, and is designed communicate the intense experience of being a racer in the MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Championship. Many non-racers have difficulty empathizing with the physical demands of motorcycle road racing, not realizing that it takes hard-earned skills and exceptional physical abilities to excel in the sport. Simply put, motorcycle road racers are athletes.

“Virginia International Raceway always draws a big [crowd] of enthusiastic fans and I’m looking forward giving a few of them the thrill of a lifetime, with a ride around the track on the back of the Dunlop M4 Suzuki Two-Seat Superbike,” said Team Hammer’s Chris Ulrich. It is a unique opportunity to grow the sport we love and also to help Roadracing World Action Fund make the sport safer at the same time. We built a lot of momentum in 2017 when we teamed up with MotoAmerica and Dunlop and by mid-season we were sold-out everywhere.”

“It’s great for a lot of reasons, but what stands out to me is that it really gives our media and VIPs the chance to experience what motorcycle road racing is all about. It puts them on the bike and allows them to experience the speed and lean angles that our racers take to an even higher level,” said MotoAmerica President, and former world champion, Wayne Rainey.

The VIP and media rides are on Thursday and Friday at each 2018 MotoAmerica event. Two-seat rides are open to the public on the Sunday of each race weekend for fans who purchase a special package that includes a donation to the Roadracing World Action Fund (RWAF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that improves racetrack safety by funding soft barriers. The next date available is May 6, at Virginia International Raceway.