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Rocky Talkie Launches 5-Watt GMRS Radio for Backcountry Lovers

Industry-leading battery life packed into one of the most powerful handheld GSMR radios on the market.
Rocky Talkie 5-Watt Radio
Rocky Talkie 5-Watt Radio Rocky Talkie

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Rocky Talkie, the Colorado-based two-way backcountry radio manufacturer, is probably familiar to the more adventurous among you. If it’s not yet a name on your radar, but you love exploring the outdoors while overlanding, off-roading, off-road riding, or more, keep reading. The company has the most powerful two-way FRS (Family Radio Service) radio that falls within the FCC no-license-required regulations in the Rocky Talkie 2-Watt Mountain Radio.

But on November 8th, the brand is releasing the Rocky Talkie 5-Watt GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) Radio, which looks set to be the new class-leading two-way backcountry radio. 

Rocky Talkie has taken an already proven design and set about improving in almost every measurable way to meet the ever-increasing demands of backcountry travelers and overlanders.

“We’ve spent years systematically designing and testing a fully waterproof GMRS radio that inspires a new level of confidence in backcountry communications,” commented Bryce Jones, CEO and co-founder of Rocky Talkie. “We’re thrilled to add the 5 Watt Radio to our line-up and enable adventurers to push their limits even further in the backcountry.” Jones continued.

You’ll need a license to operate the 5-Watt Radio, which was designed and tested in the Colorado Rockies, and has a maximum range of 35 miles. But the real-world backcountry range falls to around 2-8 miles depending on the terrain.

A more powerful radio doesn’t mean you’re going to suffer from reduced battery life either, thanks to the use of a specialized, cold-resistant 1,800 mAh battery. The new battery gives this model a sector-leading 4-6-day battery life, even in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keeping the Rockie Talkie 5-Watt Radio secure as you navigate the most rugged terrain you can find is an integrated steel gator clip with 360-degree rotation and a backup leash to protect against drops. Should you drop it, however, don’t fret. This model has a water-shedding design and is IP67-rated, meaning it’ll survive up to one meter of water submersion.

And its rubber padding and shatterproof LED screen should stand up to plenty of hard knocks. 

Included in the sale is a pre-installed 3-inch antenna and a swappable 7.5-inch antenna, and the 9.1oz radio is GMRS repeater compatible. This is even more useful given the fact that the dual-channel feature enables users to simultaneously monitor private group and public community channels, which should be particularly useful in high-traffic areas.

While you’re taking the road less traveled, you can tune into 11 NOAA weather channels and alerts to provide you with the weather information you need to navigate safely. Preorders are available on 11/01/23, and the radio will have a retail price of $165. The only question is, will you add it to your gear collection when it drops?