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These Killer OBD2 Deals Will Make Fixing Your Car a Breeze

It's time to finally pick up a scan tool and stop guessing what that Check Engine Light really means.
OBD2 Reader Deals
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As a shadetree mechanic myself (at best), I remember a time when I would try to diagnose my car’s issues without an OBD2 scanner. Or, there were the trips to my local Autozone and Pep Boys just to have my codes pulled—something that would result in me frantically googling what a P0420 code was, only to realize it was my own fault for putting a downpipe on my car.

Alas, I could have saved myself the time and embarrassment if only I had my own scan tool. And it being 2023, we now have tons of options that link up directly with our phones via Bluetooth, meaning that options exist for basically every level of wrencher; from DIY to in-the-shop.

Amazon is also making it incredibly easy to buy these scan tools. In fact, the online retailer has a ton of great deals on these tools this week. Bluetooth dongles, handheld readers, and bidirectional scan tools all have some screaming deals running, so if you’re in the market, it’s finally time to pick one up.

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Handheld Scanners

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