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A Big Range of OBD Scanners Are Deeply Discounted on Amazon Right Now

You don't need to be a major DIY'er to justify having an OBD2 scanner. It's a great tool for quickly getting a sense of why a check-engine light's on.

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If your car is less than 27 years old (wow, 1996 was a long time ago huh?), it’s got a convenient diagnostic system known as OBD2. When a check engine light comes on, simply plugging a little computer into the OBD2 port can quickly tell you what’s going on. If you’re handy, you know what to start working on. But even if you’re not, having a better idea of your car’s issue can be helpful in understanding how dangerous the car is to keep driving or avoid getting ripped off by an unscrupulous mechanic.

And it just so happens that a whole bunch of these handy-dandy diagnostic tools are on sale right now; take a look at some of these if you’re in the market.

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