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I Think I Need These NR-G Seats For My Can-Am Project

Those are some spicy seats!

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Last time we talked about my Can-Am project, I said I wasn’t sure what the next step was in its evolution. But what I had to do was something about the front bucket seats, as while the factory ones are fine, supportive, and don’t move around when I’m absolutely on it, the headrests literally stop 6-inches below the top of my head. No bueno.

Not only is that not ideal for keeping your head supported while bouncing along the trails, but the harness bar sits right behind it. If I have to stop quickly or we hit something, my head will likely hit that, and then, well, “Lights out, Jonathon.”

I’ve been scouring forums, Reddit, and more for months now looking for a solution, and I’ve found a few. But the vast majority are all either way too expensive—we’re talking $4,000—or way too involved, as in they need custom-built seat rails and modifications to the Can-Am’s frame. But this week a friend texted me pictures of a set of seats he’s thinking about installing in his FJ project and I think I might have to steal them.

Sorry, Rehan, but these are too cool to let you have all the fun.

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What you see before you are NR-G’s Prisma Ultra Bajacali sport seats designed for off-road racing, but with the flair of the Baja peninsula. Adorned with the traditional colors of a Mexican serape— which is what the colorway is called—the seats take the idea of reupholstering your aftermarket seats with Mexican blanket material to a whole new level. I mean, just look at how cool these are.

These seats are also the right height, width, and have a universal seat bracket that should work on the Can-Am. Or at least I hope so…

And the seat is designed for off-road racing and off-road use, so the fabric isn’t going to take issue with the dust, dirt, mud, water, or whatever else I track into the Can-Am.

Best of all, it’s pretty affordable compared to all the other options I’ve seen so far. Our friends over at Throtl have this seat in the Mexicali colorway—which is less ’80s neon—marked down to just $420 (heh, nice), and feels like a steal given how expensive sport seats usually are. This color is the one Rehan picked up. But check these out and pay special attention to the seat backs. Red glitter!

What Throtl doesn’t have is the Bajacali colorway. The one I want. But I could pick them up from Prisma for $520. Still, not a terrible price and my goodness, just look at those colors and imagine them in my Can-Am. I certainly can’t stop doing just that.

But anyways, I think this is the right way to go, but I’m still slightly on the fence. What do you all think? Should I bling out my Can-Am and hopefully solve my seating issue with these dope NR-G Prismas Ultra Bajacalis? Let me know below.

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