Last-Minute Fourth of July Cooler Deals to Save Your Party 

Fourth of July Cooler Deals

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You and I both know you’re bound to run short on cooler space during your Independence Day party. They always get a little bigger than expected, and you know this is the one time your cooler-nut buddies will neglect to bring theirs. I’ve got your back. I rounded up some of the best Fourth of July cooler deals that are currently running at Lowe’s and Ace. If you hop on them, there’s a good chance you can go pick it up tonight at your local retailer.

I’m no cooler expert. I do appreciate what a good one can do for you, though. Especially those that can hang with all the nonsense I tend to cook up in my shop. I’ve had an RTIC cooler see me through the last year, and as happy as I am with its performance, I’m stoked to recommend them whenever I can. Especially since, while they’re far from cheap, they stand neck and neck with the super expensive ones. If that sounds like what you need for your party, you should snag the RTIC Outdoors Ultra-Tough 65-quart insulated chest cooler for $251.10 at Lowe’s. However, you can definitely dial it back to the RTIC Outdoors Ultra-Light 52-quart insulated chest cooler for $199.00 if you don’t quite need something that big.

RTIC Outdoors Ultra-Tough 65-Quart Insulated Chest Cooler for $251.10 at Lowe’s

More Fourth of July Cooler Deals 

RTIC Outdoors Ultra-Light 52-Quart Insulated Chest Cooler for $199.00 at Lowe’s