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Cobra Launches Its Value-Packed New RAD 700i Radar Detector

There's a lot of features packed into this $249.95 MSRP.
The Cobra RAD 700i radar detector

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Cobra is one of the top names in radar detectors and is no stranger to offering a unit with the right amount of features for the right subset of motorists. With its latest 700i—the flagship model in its best-selling RAD line of detectors—the brand reports that it’s capturing one end of the market that might need additional resources at their fingertips: Gen Z.

That’s right, according to Cobra’s research, nearly one of every four Gen Z drivers has been hit with a speeding ticket within the last five years. Additionally, it says Gen Z and Millennials were found most likely to have suffered a stressful situation while driving in the past year. Especially in urban areas.

Finally, 87% of young drivers use some sort of third-party assistance while traversing our nation’s roads, too, so they’re no strangers to connectivity.

The Cobra RAD 700i radar detector

Critics might point out that the great population ought to just drive better, but Cobra’s RAD 700i sounds like a handy resource for helping deal with our roadways in the meantime. Front and rear radar and laser detection range is the highest of the RAD line of units and includes what Cobra calls Advanced Filtering and AutoLearn Intelligence.

In other words, it won’t necessarily alert motorists to non-law-enforcement radar bands. Then, the integration of the company’s Drive Smarter app keeps drivers up-to-date on alerts and traffic conditions.

Finally, the unit quickly attaches to any windshield via magnetic mount and provides easy-to-quickly-digest information from an aesthetically pleasing screen and simple overall interface. The RAD 700i retails competitively at $249.95 either direct from Cobra or at most fine retailers.

So what do you think? You going to pick up the new RAD 700i?