BMW Eyewear’s Spring and Summer Collection Embraces Timeless Design

These are making me want to cruise the coast in an E32 BMW 750IL.
BMW Eyewear
Peter Nelson

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While most people are brand agnostic when it comes to eyewear, there are those who like to match their current rides. And that’s how BMW’s Eyewear line came to offer a distinct, high-end assortment of sunglasses that channel a lot of the same aesthetics found in the brand’s legendary design portfolio.

Well, maybe not every design, as—thankfully—there’s currently no pair that stretches all the way down to the chin as is the case of the G8X M3 and M4. Joking aside, its latest Spring and Summer 2023 collection is quite cool and channels timeless design.

One of the latest offerings is the BW0040, a full-plastic-rimmed frame that comes with either light amber (BMW calls this Roviex) or blue polarized lenses in a wayfarer aesthetic. The contrasting frames look quite slick, too. The BW0044-H are wire-rimmed and errs more towards an aviator-type of design, yet features the same lens types and color contrast.

In addition to possessing classic styles with signature colorways, BMW Eyewear says it took inspiration from the 7 and 5 Series to design them. Whether we’re talking about E32 and E34, E38 and E39, or even the much more recent G11 and G30, or any other generation, that remains unclear. Really, since they’re timeless wayfarers, they’d match the style of any generation.


To me, the BW0040 would suit the late-80s/early-90s E32 750IL quite well. I’m not sure why, but they just seem like a good match for cruising along in such a remarkably handsome old sedan.

BMW Eyewear sent me the BW0040 in two colorways, and in terms of possessing a high-end feel with excellent optical quality, they don’t disappoint. Both trims—er, variations—look a tad Bono on me, but otherwise they feel light yet substantial, sit comfortably on my ears and nose, and the lenses are great.

For instance, both passed one of the most difficult sunglass tests, ever: Driving head-on into a low SoCal sunset while stuck in traffic on California’s 101 freeway. Their polarization muted out the scorching sun, yet I was still able to read my press car’s infotainment screen and instrument cluster with ease. Then, I could still see quite well in early, sunken sun twilight, too. The same went for high, midday sun by reducing plenty of brightness yet also adding more contrast and definition.

Both models are available now over at Eyeons below BMW Eyewear’s suggested retail pricing, which ranges between $203 and $247.