Behold the Ultimate Car Guy House

Home is where car is.

byBen Keeshin|
Behold the Ultimate Car Guy House

Before you divest yourself of all possessions and run blubbering, fists full of dollars, to buy this translucent house on what appears to be the California coast, know this: Right now, the structure is all pixels. These aren’t pictures, but artful renderings. Try as you might, you can’t drag a tongue across the plate glass—at least, not yet.

These are images of the House on the Hill, a project by Only Victories. The Calgary-based architecture firm, despite its Trumptastic name, turns out understatedly beautiful and minimalist shapes. Designed to be inset into a hillside, the HH is two long, overlapping spaces whose point of connection is a two story garage. The seaside face, like the rest of that wall, is pure glass. Both bays are separated from the living spaces by glass, so occupants won’t be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. They will, however, be able to enjoy the sculpted flanks of their BMW i8 and Subaru Justy, as the case is unlikely to be. An owner also might match the couch upholstery to their plaid interior, the wall color to a swath of Hugger Orange or British Racing Green. Opportunities for artful intrusion of car obsession into the home are infinite.

The House on the Hill works as more than a glass garage, of course. The interior as currently specified makes use of lightly stained wood panels, a sunken living room and some of the cleanest fixtures this side of a surgery suite. Massive windows present a view of the ocean so wide it actually surpasses the human field of vision.

Only Victories

The great thing about glass is that it is transparence runs two ways. In the day, residents of the home get to gaze out to sea and ponder eternity, or whether the bay seems more azure or lapis lazuli today (or, you know, check out babes and think about fishing). At night, with the interior illuminated, the space becomes a golden beacon; anyone with a vantage point would be able to see the cars housed therein, on display. So as you purchase a multi-million dollar cliffside home and fill it with automotive exotica, you’ll be doing a public service. Altruism via luxury: Who knew?