Design: The Siberian By Tiger Adventure Vehicles

Not your Grandpa’s RV.

byThe Drive Staff| UPDATED Jul 16, 2019 12:32 AM

Today in Design we look at The Siberian by Tiger Adventure Vehicles.

Based off either a Ford F550 or Ram 5500 chassis, the off road-oriented Siberian is an aluminum-bodied exploration vehicle, with a luxurious interior.

The truck is standard all wheel drive, upgraded shocks, skid plates and improved ground clearance for optimal offroad capabilities.

With 900 Amp hours of AGM batteries and 600-watts of solar power, the Siberian can easily power an air conditioner, microwave and a flurry of electronics without a generator. When it comes to heat, the Siberian utilizes an all-diesel heating approach where the furnace, water heater, and stove-top are fed off the massive diesel tank.

Although it may not seem large on the outside, the Siberian fits a king or queen sized bed and plenty of storage, as well as a dry bath. The granite countertops, recessed LED lighting, bamboo cabinetry and more will have you forgetting you’re in an off roader.

With the freedom to travel offroad, most would think there would be sacrifices, but the Siberian proves there is no limit to luxury.{