Design: Independent Apple Store Tekserve Offering Extensive Vintage Mac Collection for Sale

After 30 years, a NYC tech institution is closing and its “Mac Museum” is up for auction.

byThe Drive Staff|

Iconic New York City Apple sales and repair store Tekserve is closing its doors after 29 years and, as a parting gift, offering its 35-piece collection of Macintosh computers up for sale. Comprising the so-called “Mac Museum,” the cache includes an original 128K Macintosh signed by Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, a Lisa personal computer and an Apple Newton personal digital assistant. So far, the top bid for the entire lot is $31,000.

Besides the “museum,” other pieces of Apple memorabilia are headed for sale, including a set of “Think Different” posters and even the “TEKSERV” sign itself. While it’s sad to see a scrappy, independent tech store close after almost 30 years, at least its most valuable assets will live on, hopefully in a setting where the public can continue to enjoy them.