Design: Independent Apple Store Tekserve Offering Extensive Vintage Mac Collection for Sale

After 30 years, a NYC tech institution is closing and its “Mac Museum” is up for auction.

Iconic New York City Apple sales and repair store Tekserve is closing its doors after 29 years and, as a parting gift, offering its 35-piece collection of Macintosh computers up for sale. Comprising the so-called “Mac Museum,” the cache includes an original 128K Macintosh signed by Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, a Lisa personal computer and an Apple Newton personal digital assistant. So far, the top bid for the entire lot is $31,000.

Besides the “museum,” other pieces of Apple memorabilia are headed for sale, including a set of “Think Different” posters and even the “TEKSERV” sign itself. While it’s sad to see a scrappy, independent tech store close after almost 30 years, at least its most valuable assets will live on, hopefully in a setting where the public can continue to enjoy them.