Design: 41 Cooper Square Stands Out From the NYC Crowd

Not your average schoolhouse.

Today in Design we take a look at the Cooper Union’s new building, 41 Cooper Square. Built to stick out from the norm, the building utilizes a very open design to intermingle the interior and the community it surrounds. For starters 75% of the building’s common areas are illuminated by natural light, thanks to perforated stainless steel and glass panels that cover the building. In order to encourage a relaxed and social environment, the building has sky lobbies from floors five through nine that allow students to organize impromptu gatherings or planned meetings. To further encourage the social lifestyle, 41 Cooper Square has a 20-foot wide staircase that goes up four flights through the heart of the central atrium. The wide staircase allows students to socialize and study on the staircase. In order to make the building more efficient than one of comparable size, Cooper Square utilizes radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels to help reduce energy waste by 40%. In addition to the flurry of innovative design initiatives, 41 Cooper’s wave-like exterior has a look that even the most seasoned New Yorker can’t ignore. It’s not the most famous New York landmark, but if you’re in the city, it’s definitely worth checking out.