Maserati Rolls Out New Certified Pre-Owned Program With Unlimited-Mile Warranty

Has it ever been so logical to buy Italian?

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Apr 2, 2019 2:58 PM
Maserati Rolls Out New Certified Pre-Owned Program With Unlimited-Mile Warranty

Italian cars won't go down in history for their reliability (or affordability). They tend to break quite often, and when they do, it's never cheap. Such has been the problem with used-Maserati ownership, driving some customers away in fear of having to pay out big sums to keep the cars running. However, Maserati has now released a Certified Pre-Owned Program that offers new customers a 6 year / unlimited mile warranty to sooth their worries, perhaps making it a more logical time to buy than ever.

That being said, the cars will have to meet a healthy list of requirements. Maserati claims that the vehicles must still have a partial amount of the factory 5 year / 40,000 mile warranty in tact. Additionally, they must also “be in accordance with factory standards for condition and service compliance.” Even then, it's a sweet deal that definitely plays to the owner's benefit.

Once the car has been deemed qualified by Maserati, it's then covered by a warranty that spans six years and an unlimited amount of miles, enabling you to drive freely without the concern of extraordinary maintenance cost. The automaker doesn't claim bumper-to-bumper coverage, but they do specify that the coverage includes engine, transmission, differential and driveshaft, suspension, steering, brake system, cooling system, fuel system, electrical components and climate control system. That's a comprehensive list for any warranty.

This could make a solid case for Maserati against its German competitors, swaying premium buyers in its direction. As pre-owned vehicle prices continue to go down, this move puts the marque at an exceptionally high value, hopefully translating to more sales for the brand.