Hammer Time! : The Attorney With Sticky Hands

Some would call it extortion. Others look it as charity. I would just call it a unique New Jersey way of re-balancing the scales of justice.

bySteven Lang| UPDATED Apr 20, 2017 11:26 AM
Hammer Time! : The Attorney With Sticky Hands

Last week may have been Good Friday, but I had an even better Wednesday.

It started off with sending a couple of cars to a movie set out here in Atlanta. Our film industry in Georgia is booming, and one of the nice by-products of owning an old clunker from the 1990s is that you can get around $150 to $200 a day to bring it to a movie set. 

This happens to me maybe a half-dozen times a year. Enough to pay for insurance and an annual repair or two that comes with owning a 20+ year old car. 

I brought two cars to the set. 

Steven Lang

This 1992 Buick LeSabre Limited that was owned by a hardcore polka lover.

Steven Lang

And this 1997 Volvo 960 which was owned by a sociology professor who probably studies why people love polka in the first place. 

Steven Lang

I own a car dealership, and I always like to keep older cars just so I can enjoy a weekday off where I can turn off the phone and read a nice thick book.  But this time, I forgot to turn off my phone which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

A fellow who was planning on getting a Volvo from me had a check bounce from an attorney's office that was supposed to give him an insurance settlement from way back in early-2016. I looked online and apparently this firm had stiffed other clients in the past.


So I made a couple of calls during my one-day vacation at the movie set, and told them I was a writer for some big-wig media outlet. I invited them to Google my name along with that particular publication and I expressed in my brutally blunt New Jersey way that they had until this Friday to get this man his money.

If not, I would write an article about legal malpractice that would be immediately sent off to a certain official at the State Bar Of Georgia.

Long story short, he got a new check and hopefully it goes through this afternoon. In the meantime, I'm going to put a few online feelers out there to see if this firm has screwed other folks as well.

Not a bad way to spend your off-time. Maybe I should get into politics? Nah! The used car business is a lot more fun.