Modified Cars of Star Wars Perfectly Capture Each Character

Yasid Oozeear’s illustrations perfectly answer the eternal question: What Would Boba Fett Drive?

byDavid Traver Adolphus| PUBLISHED Nov 19, 2015 3:31 PM
Modified Cars of Star Wars Perfectly Capture Each Character

Star Wars is great, don’t get me wrong. I grew up on it. But don’t tell me you never once thought, “maybe it’d be a little bit better with some cars in it...” England’s Carwow wondered the same thing, so it gave automotive illustrator Yasid Oozeear a simple prompt: What earthly cars would Star Wars characters choose? And how would they modify them?

Yasid’s answers are awesome. From Han’s Millennium Hellcat (it gets the hole shot), to Wedge Antilles’ Lamborghini A-wing, to the ‘Mater-like Jar-Jar Juke, the artworks cover the sublime and ridiculous.


Wedge Antilles’ Lamborghini A-wing

Yasid Oozeear

This may be my favorite. He’s made it look so at home off-road with the wings. Oh, and there’s just a whiff of Doc Brown Delorean in there. Perfect.

Han Solo’s Millennium Hellcat

Yasid Oozeear

Aside from the name, I’m not sold on Han’s ride. The Touring Car treatment I love, but the grille makes it look like it’s going backwards at high speed. Good for outrunning Imperial patrols, I suppose.

Luke Skywalker’s Mazda MX-5 Land Speeder edition

Yasid Oozeear

Yasid loves stance and executes beautifully here. It’s a little anti-Miata ethos, yet it looks like it belongs in a race series. Would drive.


Alfa Romeo Giulia Stormtrooper edition

Yasid Oozeear

The color scheme is great, especially the wheels, though it’s kind of cartoony goofy. On the other hand, it’s a brilliant riff on the frowny Alfa grille.

Darth Maul’s 2016 Honda NSX

Yasid Oozeear

I can totally imagine seeing an NSX both winged-out and in this same color scheme. You know, like on the Goldrush Rally or Gumball 3000, surrounded by paparazzi, stuck on a speed hump.

Darth Vader’s BMW Z4 Death Star edition

Yasid Oozeear

The Death Star badging is a stroke of genius. Also: This is a Z4 that someone dropped into a steam locomotive. The cow catcher splitter probably adds, like, a lot of weight.


Boba Fett’s Mercedes G-Class

Yasid Oozeear

WWBFD? An AMG G65, with sidepipes and chubby wheels. Those big tires will really help with floatation on the sand. It’d be comforting to see something more secure for prisoners, though, unless they’re all going to be encased in carbonite. Still, he’d need a roof rack.

Jar Jar Binks and his Nissan Juke Juke

Yasid Oozeear

Think you can’t possibly hate Jar Jar any more than you already do? Read the Jar Jar Theory. It would be absolutely wonderful if it turns out to be correct, which it won’t, which is why this beat-up lizard-dog of a Juke says “Binks” so perfectly.