Watch This One Take of Chris Forsberg Drifting a Crooked Hillclimb

And to think most of us are just mastering the heel-toe.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Mar 16, 2017 5:55 PM
Watch This One Take of Chris Forsberg Drifting a Crooked Hillclimb

Viral videos like this are what bring in new hobbyists. Before I watched Gymkhana 4 with my friends in 2011, I didn't even know a car could do those kinds of things. Given I was in grade school and naive as a whole, that's what got me hooked. Almost six years later, drifters like Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg are putting out similar videos of themselves performing superhero acts that make us wish we were them (or at least had the capital to build similar projects). Social media allows guys like Forsberg to release their work on larger platforms, reaching more people than anyone would've thought possible back when the sport started in Japan. While my original ideals concerning a high powered car and curvy mountain road may have been to have a fast and clean run, this clip makes me want to take the whole thing on sideways, thanks to Forsberg and Network A.

With a V8 powered Nissan 370Z as his chariot, the Formula D star completes this set in one take, making it especially impressive. GoPros capture the action in every angle, though the most impressive may be the in-car footage. Watching Forsberg flick the hydro-brake and stomp the throttle is a particularly intricate process that I'm sure my clumsy hands and feet will never be able to execute. 

Sliding into the dirt and off the cracked pavement sets the intensity for the scene. Mountain views are pretty, but they look even better when you see the Z's rear hang off and get recovered by a trick maneuver. While the action may be non-stop, Forsberg is calm throughout, speaking even higher of his abilities. Then again, he's probably done even cooler stuff off-camera. Jealous yet?