Here’s How Subaru’s Famous Boxer Engine Works

This simple demonstration shows the function and benefit of the unique powerplant.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Subaru is an automaker with a characteristic demeanor. They don't stray too far from tradition, fitting almost all of their vehicles (thanks to the Toyobaru) with symmetrical all wheel drive and horizontal boxer engines. Aside from Porsche, they're one of the only manufacturers to keep this unique powertrain alive. It's an interesting design that provides a lower center of gravity and smoother operation, as you can see here.

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They clearly take pride in it, too. It's one of the qualities that distinguishes Subaru from conventional manufacturers, showing their dedication to the quirky engine. Albeit with a few revisions, they've stayed close to the same for the last twenty years, proving that it's a versatile and lasting choice.

Here, you can see a handy illustration of the engine's internals. The quick video gives us a quick run through of the engine's functions and benefits, so have a look and geek out a little.

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