Honda CR-V Super Bowl Ad Calls on Yearbooked Celebrities 

"All dreams are within reach -- all you have to do is keep moving towards them."


Honda's called on some heavy hitters for endorsement in their latest 2017 CR-V commercial. The likes of Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, and Stan Lee are featured, making the latest Honda crossover seem like the obvious choice for chasing your dreams; all in a yearbook setting that harks back to their humble beginnings. Who would've known?

This commercial is used to push the "go anywhere" idea of the newest Honda CR-V. Selling the lifestyle is important here, and Honda has done a good job of bringing in some success stories for this one. At the end of the commercial, the narrator is quoted saying "Here's to chasing dreams and the amazing places they lead." Will the company's crossover be that vehicle for you?