The 2017 Audi A3 e-Tron is the Future of Simple Elegance

Luxury, electricity, and simplicity. Who can argue with that?

Years ago, when the first e-Tron model was introduced, it got me excited. It's concept enthralled me. Unbelievably, my interest was set ablaze by what many view as a dull, German sedan that didn't need to stop at Conoco. What many didn't see, though, was an idea for the future. One that has since been picked up on by other manufacturers like Tesla. Visionary brilliance combined with a wonderfully crafted opulence, all without being extravagant. Audi may have put on the whole "nothing but business" gag before, but this is different. Let them show you the details of the A3 e-Tron so you can see what I mean.