You’ve Never Seen a Big Rig Like This

Only in Texas!

byEvan Yates|
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Custom big rigs aren’t exactly a recent phenomenon but interesting nonetheless. It’s even possible to make a case that they have more of a cult following than customized passenger cars and trucks. There are dozens of blogs, YouTube channels and even TV shows like CMT’s Trick My Truck dedicated to these custom rigs. With the amount of work put into them, the hype that surrounds this scene absolutely makes sense.

Salinas Photography

Unique big rigs like this one are put on display every year at shows like Overdrive’s “Pride & Polish” Truck Beauty Contest National Championship held every year in Dallas, TX at the Great American Trucking Show. And for as many outrageous examples of custom big rigs there are on the scene, it’s safe to say there aren’t many with lowrider-style engraved wheels, painted interior and ghosted paisley print paint. 

Salinas Photography

This extravagant 2000 Kenworth 900 aka “Project TOC” was built by Texas Chrome Shop in San Antonio, TX who specializes in custom big rigs. If you’re a regular viewer of Discovery en Español, you may recognize this as the shop and family featured on the popular series, Texas Trocas

The amount of detail in Project TOC could put most show cars to utter shame. Engraved exhaust stacks, powder-coated frame and air bag suspension are just a few of the many additions. It also has a modified 550 Caterpillar powerplant (painted to match, of course) mated to an 18-speed transmission. 

Check out the video below and look for more of this truck on season three of Texas Trocas!

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