Would You Buy an Electric Chevrolet Instead of a Tesla?

The upcoming Chevrolet Bolt challenges the Tesla Model 3 in price and usability. Which would you choose?

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Nov 1, 2016 7:22 PM
Would You Buy an Electric Chevrolet Instead of a Tesla?

Tesla is a straight up hype machine. They capture everyone's attention with futuristic cars and innovative ideas to rival the best in the business. Their highly-anticipated Model 3 has been built up over the past year as the first affordable electric car, giving you good reason to be excited; however, Chevrolet may have them beat. The upcoming Bolt sub-compact gives you more range, intuitive design, and streamlined accomodations at a similar price. But is that enough for you to buy one?

The $35,000 segment is stronger now than it has been in years. Not only do you get performace at this price point, you can now get an electric car that the goverment pays you to own! Well, kind of. With rebates being offered for eco-concious buyers of electric vehicles, now is a better time than ever to be shopping in this price range. The Tesla Model 3 has technology and style over the humble Bolt. Since Tesla's announcment that Autopilot hardware will be included in ever product they sell, tech junkies have had a fire started underneath them. The Bolt does not yet offer this feature, though it may in years to come as Chevrolet's research advances. The Model 3 has cutting-edge fashion, serving as a status symbol to its owner. But when you get down to the technicalities of it, the Bolt has more range. 238 miles compared to the Model 3's 215. It's simplicity gives it elegance and attractive features that are unique in comparison to the Model 3. So, in the end, what's more important to you?


Sure, the Tesla is the fan favorite going into it. All of the promotion has done its job of putting the Model 3 on a pedestal, but the Bolt seeks to knock it down. The underdog Chevy features its fair share of tech and comfort as well. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto comes standard on the 10.2 inch diagonal center display, adding to the contemporary motif that you can catch throughout. Available 4G LTE WiFi aids with convenience in a mobile driven world. Thoughtfully placed batteries ensure seating for five and plentiful cargo space. You may lose some of the prestige with the Bolt, but you make up for it in utility. 

It comes down to personality. Do you want a space age achievement from an up and coming company? Or a more efficient, more simple machine from a trusted manufacturer? Both the Tesla and the Bolt make a strong case for themselves in every field, so don't discount either one. We still have a while longer to decide, and I'm sure you'll read about it 100 more times, but keep your options open. You just may change your mind.