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The Bachelor: A Bike, a Plane, and a Demolition Derby

Each date on the ABC show focused on a different mode of transportation.

Arie Luyendyk Jr., the blue-eyed, race-car driving Bachelor, demonstrated his love of transportation on last night’s episode by driving a motorcycle and a plane and testing the girls during a demolition derby.  

In last week’s premiere, we were introduced to Arie and the 24 women who were cast to compete for his love. While week one was all about introductions and first impressions, this week began the dating process.

Arie started his first one-on-one date by taking Becca, a 27-year-old account executive from Minneapolis, on a motorcycle ride. The black bike is barely shown, so it’s hard to catch a glimpse of its make. 

The “motorcycle date” turns into a princess date, after Arie introduces Becca to celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Rachel Zoe, who gifts Becca three of her gowns. Arie watches as Becca twirls in shiny pink, silver, and black gowns. He then gifts her a pair of spiky Christian Louboutin heels and diamond earrings to finish her look. In true Bachelor form, the two then enjoy a romantic dinner and Arie gives Becca the rose. 

The next date begins on a jet plane. Arie flies Krystal, a blonde fitness instructor, to his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona on a private Sun Air jet. A hometown date is a bit fast for a first date, but Arie introduces Krystal to his family anyway, saying he finds Krystal “comforting and easy to be around.” 

Arie and Krystal drive to Arie’s parents’ house in what appears to be a Porsche Cayenne. They look at photo albums and watch videos of Arie’s childhood, in which Arie sports a red racing helmet. There are photos of Arie with his grandfather, whom he credits with his passion for racing. 

“You could tell that he loved me, and he really wanted me to have that passion that me and my dad shared,” Arie tells Krystal. 

Arie then introduces Krystal to his mother, Mieke, and his father, Arie Luyendyk Sr., who won the Indy 500 in 1900 and 1997. 

On the group date, the show’s final date, Arie tests the driving skills of 15 women in a demolition derby competition. The women are each provided with an old sedan and some spray paint to customize their cars. Then, Arie and the women strap on neck braces, red and black jumpsuits and customized helmets and hop into their cars. 

“I’ve never done it, but it’s got a car it’s got an engine, it’s got a steering wheel, I’m excited,” Arie says.

Arie and the women crash into each other, and as engines stop running and girls start to forfeit, the competition gets serious. Sienne, a Yale graduate, comes out as the winner, and, as expected, Arie is super impressed.

Throughout the episode, Arie upholds his reputation as the “kissing bandit,” and makes out with about five different girls.

The Bachelor is officially in full swing, and with Arie in the driver’s seat, the romances are already moving fast. Let’s hope there are more transportation-geared dates to keep things interesting!

Catch the show on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.