Demolition Derby Drone Footage is Here

Everything is better when you are on top.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Oct 20, 2015 6:29 PM
Demolition Derby Drone Footage is Here

Reinforced fuel cells, roll cages, questionable bare midriffs and overworked jersey barriers: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are at a demolition derby. From the moment we’re given our first toy cars, we smash them together. It’s car guy instinct, and instinct doesn’t fade. No surprise, then, that a bunch of grown men still do the same thing on the weekends. Unrelenting chaos in 30-minute intervals is our bag, but it’s tough to get the perfect vantage point at these metal rodeos, mostly because of poor seating arrangements. And, you know, giant cotton candies.

Enter: The drone.

Friend or foe? Are you airdropping medicine and food, offering reconnaissance without putting a warm body in the line of fire? Or are you just the creepy, buzzing, whirling Orwellian messengers from a bleaker future? Jury’s still out. But, hey, while we work out deep and persistent ethical questions… aerial view of demolition derbies! It’s the best. Watching Nineties junkyard rats smash into each other is therapeutic. Slow clap for the producer of this video.