Man Rescued From His Sinking Car on a Frozen Pond by Hero First Responders

This driver is lucky to be alive.

byBrian Beers| PUBLISHED Dec 11, 2017 12:58 PM
Man Rescued From His Sinking Car on a Frozen Pond by Hero First Responders

Winter Storm Benji made its way through New England over the weekend, dumping several inches of snow across the region. For one Massachusetts man whose car plunged into a pond early Sunday morning, it nearly led to tragedy.

It all started with a witness who was plowing a church parking lot in Winchendon, Massachusetts and called 911 to report he had just watched a car drive off of the road and plunge into a nearby pond, according to CBS Boston

A police officer was the first to arrive on the scene and found a driver still in the car. The fire department, an ambulance, and a dive team were next to arrive.

Winchendon Fire Department / Facebook

Meanwhile, the driver was able to climb onto the roof of his car as first responders worked to set up their rescue equipment.

Unfortunately, the car began to sink at a rapid rate into what was believed to be icy water up to about ten feet deep. 

According to the Winchendon Fire Department on its Facebook page, a quick-thinking firefighter got a throw rope and threw it over to the driver. He was then asked to tie the rope around himself and was pulled safely out of the pond by the team of winter storm heroes. 

Winchendon Fire Department / Facebook

The driver was not injured and the car was extricated from the waters shortly after.