Ford Offers Warranty-Approved Mods in Europe

Ford Performance Parts is going to offer 70 warranty-approved mods for Focus, Fiesta, Mustang and Ford GTs

byDave Bartosiak|
Ford Offers Warranty-Approved Mods in Europe


Modding cars under warranty always comes with some anxiety. Are you going to void that powertrain warranty by adding a cat-back? What about headers? Cold-air intake? The warranty language is written by lawyers and intentionally vague to give dealers all the power. It can discourage owners from doing anything to their cars until the factory warranty runs its course.

Ford is giving owners in Europe the best of both worlds. Not only is Ford Performance Parts expanding its offering in 2018 but they are bringing Ford warranty-approved parts across Europe. The parts are developed to enhance the sporty character of models like the Fiesta, Focus, Mustang and GT supercar. They will offer a range of components from chassis and suspension upgrades to exhaust systems, engine tuning and styling options. In total there are about 70 specially-developed Ford warranty-approved performance parts.

Speaking on the new program Fabio Carafa, Vehicle Personalization Director at Ford of Europe, said, “Ford is synonymous with attainable performance. Ford Performance Parts will deliver even more satisfying driving experiences for enthusiasts. Ford Performance customers, some of the most competent and knowledgeable drivers out there, are telling us they want to further personalize the driving dynamics, performance and style of their vehicles. We’ve specifically developed our Ford Performance Parts portfolio to meet that need.”

Ford Focus RS with exterior styling options, Ford

There are some great upgrades available too. Of course, there’s a variety of exhaust options, including road-legal and off-road variants of a Borla exhaust. There are three stages of Mustang performance packs which give the Coyote 5.0 some extra punch and unlock the rev limit to 7,500 rpm. Then there’s my personal favorite, the Drift Stick. It’s a rally-inspired electronic handbrake that sits between the driver’s seat on the manual shift nob in the Focus RS. This will help you turn drift mode in your RS to your own personal Gymkhana session ala Ken Block.