The ‘Swiftabusa’ Is About to Become Even More Swift

The new owner of this Hayabusa-powered Suzuki Swift has big plans for the car.

byJustin Hughes|
For Sale photo

Earlier this month we featured this ordinary-looking 1989 Suzuki Swift for sale on Craigslist that hid a high-revving Hayabusa motorcycle engine under the hood. We feature many interesting cars for sale, but it's rare that we find out what happens to them after they are sold. In this case, we've learned that the "Swiftabusa" is now in the hands of Kitt Hock and Vision Performance. We contacted Hock to find out how he acquired this unique build and what future plans he has for it.

Hock is no stranger to unusual high-performance vehicles. His current fleet includes a 1,400 horsepower Jeep Cherokee SRT8 that holds a half-mile world record at 180 mph, a Scion FR-S with a 1,000 hp supercharged LS3 engine for drifting, and a Factory Five 818R with a 500 hp Subaru WRX STI engine. Even his daily driver is special, a Subaru Forester XT with a fully built 350 hp STI engine.

Hock was looking for a new project. "I was looking for something unique that I could get for under $20,000 dollars and the Swift met my criteria," said Hock. "Something reliable and inexpensive to have fun, something versatile, something I could drive on the street, as well as race." The Hayabusa-powered Swift fit the bill perfectly for just under half of Hock's budget. He almost missed his flight to Texas while negotiating the deal. The seller had many offers on the car, some up to $15,000 dollars, but since Hock was the first to wire the money he got the car for the advertised price of $9,900 dollars. He was unaware that he was the new owner until he landed in Texas.

The "Swiftabusa" will be no garage queen. "This car will be used for time attack, autocross, drifting, hill climbs, gymkhana, drag, and even half-mile events," said Hock. "After we test the car on the track, it will be getting lighter. Lexan will replace the glass. Lightweight exhaust, and carbon hood and fenders etc. Going with a racing oil, and race gas for the track, and tuning with a Dynojet. Knowing myself, I'm sure it will be turbo or supercharged after I push the limits of the normally aspirated setup."

"I want to add two race seats so I can share the experience," Hock continued. "The added bonus is my co-driver is my girlfriend, who has just [sic] been bitten by the automotive-addiction bug. She will be drifting and racing the car as well."

It seems that the "Swiftabusa" has landed in good hands that will truly appreciate such a unique build, as well as use it as intended. Look for it at all kinds of events across the southeastern U.S.