There’s an Insane BMW M6 With a 6-Rotor Engine Up for Sale in South Africa

Anyone fancy putting up a bid on this hellacious beast?

It’s easy to get tired of everyone and their mother LS-swapping their cars. Every once in a while, someone will pop up with a unique powerplant switch-up that makes you raise an eyebrow—but typically, most people go with the safe, traditional choices when switching motors. 

However, this engine-swapped BMW M6 will not only make your face twitch, but also kick you in the stomach and make you ask for more—all thanks to a wickedly powerful six-rotor heart. 

Your author been following this build over on Engine Swap Depot for sometime, and now that it’s finally finished, the owner has listed it for sale. The car was built by AJ Racing in South Africa, a renowned tuner shop at the continent’s tip. The peripheral port Wankel engine was pieced together by KiwiRE, a credible name in the rotary game. 

A ludicrously long spec sheet is included in the ad, all together making for what is surely the most uniquely modified M6 out there. 

It was dyno’d at 478 horsepower while revving to 5,500 rpm, which is just getting into the engine’s powerband. Previously built six-rotors from KiwiRE made upwards of 800 horsepower when measured higher up in the rev range, so this one certainly shows promise.

In addition to the engine modifications, this Bimmer also has a long list of suspension upgrades that pair nicely with the upgraded power. KW Variant 3 coilovers give the car a dropped and aggressive stance while 10 piston front brakes keep things in check when off-throttle. Some aero bits, a stripped interior, and a set of 19-inch Rotiform wheels round out the look of this well-formed track car. 

The Facebook listing quotes a price of 1,234,567 South African rand—around $94,000 at current exchange rates. But if you need convincing that the car is worth whatever price tag the seller puts on it, just listen to the video below of the rotary M6 laying it down on the dyno.