Lexus Has Big Plans for the U.S. Open

Lexus is taking a nine-iron to the competition at the world’s most prestigious golf tournament.

byChris Constantine| UPDATED Jun 12, 2017 5:38 PM
Lexus Has Big Plans for the U.S. Open

Lexus is trying to resituate itself as the top dog in luxury, so it's going to take to the green in its latest advertising campaign. The luxury car company will partner with the U.S. Open this year to show off its latest models and launch the Lexus Performance Experience, to give fans and players alike a taste of its new vision. This isn't a surprise to golf and Lexus fans though, as this will be the 11th straight year that Lexus teams up with the famed event. 

People attending the U.S. Open will be able to experience a number of difference activities created by Lexus, as well as get a good look at the gorgeous new LC 500.

Lexus is going to be super busy at the Open, as the brand is pushing the newest iterations of the LS and LX series. It will loan nearly 300 cars to players and officials at the event, and provide exclusive looks at all of its new models. Before the event takes place, Lexus is taking a 47-day tour across the country; it will visit tourist attractions and popular spots around the Midwest, then end at Erin Hills in Wisconsin on June 12th for the championship. 

The Lexus Performance experience will provide spectators lots of activities to take part in when they aren't watching the tournaments. It will feature displays for people to peek at the luxurious LS 500H sedan and drool over the sporty LC 500H. Lexus will also provide a golf simulator at specific holes for fans to feel like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. (Well, maybe less the latter.) If a participant gets a hole in one, they'll be awarded a lease of a new RX 350 crossover.