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Infamous Florida DUI Lawyer Tom Hudson Charged With DUI


In news from exactly the state you might imagine, The Sarasota Herald-Tribune has reported that Attorney Tom Hudson, a Florida DUI lawyer, has been charged with, yes, a DUI. The man who literally wrote the book on skillfully evading drunk driving charges—The Drinker’s Guide to Driving: The Secrets of DUI from One of America’s Top DUI Lawyers—must now add a salient footnote to that book’s second printing. Out of court, the evidence-questioning, jury-bullying, officer-antagonizing lion of the accused, Tom Hudson, esq., was downright lamb-like, an easy arrest.

Last Sunday, while posted near McIntosh Road, Sarasota County deputy Stacey Eve witnessed a vehicle veering between the borders of its lane, approaching between 49 and 55 mph in a zone marked at 30. She pulled the car over, and immediately noted both the smell of booze in the interior and one clearly “festive” attorney. A traffic unit called to scene used an Intoxilyzer 8000, which Hudson himself is licensed to operate for use in court, to determine that Hudson’s BAC was .12, which is 50 percent over the legal limit. He refused to undertake a field sobriety test—walking the line, hands on the nose, etcetera—and was taken into custody. There, Hudson agreed to a blood test, despite a positive result being hard to disprove in court. The results are expected within the week.

Arresting officers, who knew Hudson as the blustery attorney who once hired a PI to videotape their careless on-duty driving, were surprised at his generally easy-going demeanor, and the fact that he acquiesced to both alcohol tests, blood and breath.

Relaxed, easy-going, open to suggestion. Almost like Tom Hudson, ace Florida DUI defense attorney, was wasted.