Ex-Navy SEAL Sets Wingsuit World Record

Going loco at 36,000 feet (for a good cause).

When jumping out of an airplane just isn’t intense enough, try setting a world record while jumping out of an airplane. That’s how a skydiving expert’s mind works. That’s how Andy Stumpf’s mind works. Stumphf, a former Navy SEAL and current badass, was looking to raise funds and awareness for families of fallen SEALs. His idea: Set the wingsuit world record for farthest distance traveled.


This video tracks his endeavour, from planning to decent. From roughly 36,000 feet, Stumphf plunges at 160 mph over the mountains, through a balmy atmospheric temperature of -52ºF. When all’s said and done, he has successfully traveled 18.257 miles across the California landscape.

For more on Andy Stumpf, you can check out an interview here.