Forget Lyft’s DeLorean, Here’s a Dodge Viper Time Machine

You probably won’t get to ride in a DeLorean tomorrow. Here’s your V-10 tissue.

byMax Prince|
Dodge News photo

Ride-hailing service Lyft will be offering DeLorean rides tomorrow to celebrate the cultural phenomena that has become Back to the Future Day. Cool, except for that there are less than 6,500 examples of the DMC -12 left. Worldwide. Of those few that do live in New York—a hundred, maybe?—Lyft isn’t saying how many are actually participating.

Basically, you’re probably not getting a ride in the McFlymobile tomorrow. Sorry.

Good news: We’ve got a sweet consolation prize. The good people over at British auto insurance broker Zuto have doodled some new time machines, one for each decade since BTTF. Turbo Lotus Esprit for the Eighties, first-gen Dodge Viper for the Nineties, retro Ford GT to carry the Naughts and a BMW i8 for this year, plus a GM autonomous concept ready for 2025. You’re supposed to choose which one you’d enjoy most and, like, vote. Or something. Whatever. Let’s call this what it is: a shameless wallpaper grab. Because Dodge Viper time machine.

Slideshow below for a peek; get the goods in high-res, here.