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Freestyle Flambée: Pro Skier Jon Olsson’s former Über-Audi Stolen, Torched

Pour some aquavit out for the DTM-loving skier’s wagon.
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Jon Olsson is a pro skier from Sweden. He’s also the former owner of quite possibly the most badass DTM-inspired Audi RS6 Avant to ever roam Europe’s glorious b-roads.

As pro athletes do, Olsson sold the car. Autoblog Netherlands reports that while its new owners were holding a photo shoot in Amsterdam, some unfriendly fellows with loaded guns showed up with the intention of stealing the 1,000 horsepower Audi wagon. The armed robbers were technically successful with their theft, insofar as they drove away with the car, but somehow in the process set the van they arrived in on fire.


In a further Coen Brothers-worthy twist, the thieves lacked a key for the Audi—seeing as it was still in one of the owner’s pockets. Without a key, you’re not going to start a highly customized Audi formerly belonging to a professional athlete back up again very easily.

Ultimately the über-wagon was found burned to a crisp in a garage, likely after the bumbling criminals realized their folly. The moral here is to remember to have a car with keyless ignition if you’re planning to get carjacked in the Netherlands.

Meantime, let’s remember the icy-cool greatness that once was: