Watch This 253-foot Yacht Carry a Benz Out to Sea

A voyage of flagships. Champagne, popped.

byClifford Atiyeh|
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Here’s a reason not to marry for love: a 253-foot Silver Fast superyacht, in the Mediterranean, with a Mercedes parked on the helipad.

Australian shipbuilder Silver Yachts claims this is the world’s “largest and fastest aluminum motor yacht with conventional propulsion,” and since we weren’t invited to the Monaco Yacht Show earlier this month, we’re in no position to argue the point. Norwegian designer Espen Oeino claims five generations of shipbuilding in his blood, and the Silver Fast is exactly the five-star maritime conveyance that billionaires and their, uh, nieces demand.

Monaco Yacht Show

Australia to Monte Carlo? Block out 21 days on the calendar, take a breather in the Caribbean to refuel and steady steaming onward. Max out the Silver Fast at 27 knots, then take it down a notch. Like the S550 Cabriolet on deck, the Silver Fast prefers a gentler cruise. At 14 knots, it can cover 6,200 nautical miles (consider that “Eco” mode) on its fuel reserves. Ramp it up to between 18 and 20 knots, captain, and there’s still 4,500 nautical miles in the tank. Silver Yachts says the ship is “vibration-free” at these velocities, and emits 40 to 45 decibels from its powertrain, roughly what the quietest dishwashers put out in high-end kitchens. Not that its guests would ever deign to enter the galley.

Monaco Yacht Show

We’re not sure how the Benz drives off the ship, but that’s why Chinooks were invented and an apartment complex filled with talented deckhands are on the payroll.

We’re overthinking the whole thing. Just watch the video.

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