NHRA Drag Racing in Super Slow-Mo is Borderline Pornographic

Sometimes fast looks better slow.

byMax Prince|
Racing photo


Confession: I don’t know a whole lot about professional drag racing. A little jargon, some tech specs. Enough names to drop and get by in a casual conversation. (The legendary “Big Daddy” Garlits is always a safe play.) But, like you, I know something spectacular when it bites me in the ass. And this video has teeth.

The premise is simple. Brilliant. Two-plus-minutes of NHRA’s Countdown to the Championship, played back in super slow-mo. That’s it. The most violent vehicles on earth, all crumpling rear slicks and fire chimney manifolds, doing holeshots and breaking stuff. In. Slow. Motion. Here, fast looks better going slow. Enjoy.

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