These Incredible Photos Show Supercross Is Actually an Air-Based Sport

Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey nab wins at last week’s AMA Supercross Championship.

byMichael Prichinello|
These Incredible Photos Show Supercross Is Actually an Air-Based Sport

Supercross takes motocross as inspiration, but adds more dirt, bigger air, and arenas that could legitimately contain the moto bike's four-wheeled cousin, the monster truck. Sponsored by Monster, manufacturer of pleasingly atomic energy drinks, the AMA Supercross Championship is a high-flying racing series that runs January through May. This year, perennial supercross star Ryan Dungey took the title, despite coming in fourth and ruining his podium streak in the final race. (That event went to Ken Roczen.)

It was racing as rough and acrobatic as any the series has seen. Luckily, photographer Michael Prichinello was up close, and with a good lens.

Birthday boy Ken Roczen grandstands in the grandstands., Michael Prichinello
Both the sponsor and scale of the supercross spectacle is Monster. More than 500 truckloads of dirt are required to construct a supercross track., Michael Prichinello
Prep keeps the grip up and the dust down., Michael Prichinello
A different kind of wheel spin., Michael Prichinello
Tyler Bowers waits for the gate to drop. Bowers bagged 6th place in the hotly-contested 250SX race., Michael Prichinello
Reigning Supercross champ Ryan Dungey might have been off the podium in fourth place, it was enough to clinch the 2016 championship with one race still to go., Michael Prichinello
Mike Alessi navigates the ruts aboard his Honda CRF450., Michael Prichinello
Cole Seely cashes in his airline miles to take an impressive third place in the 450SX race., Michael Prichinello
That feeling of uneasy tension before the flag drops., Michael Prichinello
Nicholas Schmidt pushed hard and aired big, but 21st place was the best he could muster on Saturday., Michael Prichinello
Modern weaponry circulated on track, but vintage metal charmed in the paddock., Michael Prichinello
Calm before the storm. 250 rider Shane McElrath would ultimately grab forth place in the race., Michael Prichinello