An iPhone, Some Fishing Line, and the Perfect Action Sports Video

Who knew a man skiing could look so awesome?

byJonathon Ramsey|
An iPhone, Some Fishing Line, and the Perfect Action Sports Video

Egad, the talent is strong with this one. Using what looks like two lengths of fishing line, an iPhone and some centripetal force, Swiss freeskier Nicolas Vuignier (voon-yay) has produced two-plus minutes of hypnotizing video, following his freestyle ski run down a mountain. Actually, “hypnotizing” isn’t strong enough to describe it; we’re talking about 161 seconds of ensorcellment.

On the off chance you can’t propose a toast to the skill, check out Fail Army and its ilk; they’re awash in videos of skiers who can’t get across a few meters of flat ground without a faceplant. Vuignier tackles slopes, jumps and a rail at speed while holding a pole in one hand and twirling an iPhone with the other. You’d need Newton to do the math on the competing forces alone, and let’s not even get into the sweet, sweet balance.

Vuignier says it took him two years of “tinkering and tweaking” to get the results he was after with his “centriphone” method. He’s promised there’s a making-of vid coming, we’ll be lined up outside of YouTube to buy tickets for the first showing.

So check out this video. And check out more of Vuignier’s work, too. We recommend his night out on the slopes with some flares, his winning run at Red Bull’s Linecatcher event, or his Vacation-style getaway with some good-time veterans in Italy’s Cortina d’Ampezzo. You’re welcome.