McLaren’s Upcoming Formula 1 Car is Almost Definitely Orange

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byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Feb 20, 2018 6:26 PM
McLaren’s Upcoming Formula 1 Car is Almost Definitely Orange

McLaren is holding out until late in the debut cycle to unveil its 2018 Formula 1 competitor, the MCL33. After watching the recent reveals of Red Bull's RB14 and the Renault RS18, Fernando and the boys will certainly be looking to one-up the rest with their newly-non-Honda-powered machine. Recent videos of initial startups and teasers have floated around the internet for the past week, and now, the Woking manufacturer has released a clip that almost certainly unmasks one specific about its upcoming racer— it's returning to the brand's iconic orange livery.

After coming back to the well-loved scheme in 2017, McLaren had supposedly debated the idea of switching things up in the looks department for next season. While we're unsure of the specifics, it's likely that come February 23, we'll be seeing more of that eye-popping hue in racing spec ... that is if you get the same vibe from this video as we do.

This gimmicky clip looks to be a clear indicator that McLaren will indeed stick with a similar theme from last year's machine; however, it's doubtful that the British outfit will let the old school look grow stale. After all, it's slated to be an entirely different animal from the outgoing model, what with it's tweaked aerodynamics and freshly-fitted Renault power unit. 

While we still have a few days to wait for the official reveal, check back here for updates as we find out more about the team's hopeful contender for the crown in 2018.