Watch This Porsche 911 Rally Driver Almost Hit a Crowd

A 997 GT3 hurtles over a crest, nearly takes out 20-odd spectators.

byDanny Choy| PUBLISHED Dec 10, 2015 6:59 PM
Watch This Porsche 911 Rally Driver Almost Hit a Crowd

There is no better reminder of that rally drivers and fans are completely out of their minds than these unreal YouTube videos. While most forms of organized motorsports have focused on track safety, driver safety, spectator safety, and plain old safety, the practitioners of rally racing are still living in the good old world of ropes-on-wood-posts and we’ll-take-our-chances-thank-you. Despite occasional carnage, the world seems to be okay with that.

During a shakedown at Spain's Rally de Ferrol, a video shows a white Toyota hatch gingerly make its way around a corner in a dirt stage. No more than four seconds later, the little hatchback had passed just 300 feet down the road when a rally-spec Porsche 911 GT3 comes into the frame, totally airborne, in all its snarling flat-six glory.

The driver in the Porsche GT3 rally car clearly approached the crest way too hot, but managed to stick one of the sketchiest landings we've ever seen. The chassis bottomed out, sending shards of fiberglass from the front lip and side skirt flying to the left before the car veers into the ditch. Suddenly, it’s on a deadly trajectory, pointing straight into a crowd of spectators. Remarkably, the driver in the Porsche manages to slough enough speed and steer right quickly enough to avoid tagging the scattering, screaming mob of rally fans.