This Video Teaches You to Drive Stick Using Death Metal

An unlikely combination, yes, but a winning combination nevertheless.


Are you so metal that you can't understand anything unless it's couched in Cookie Monster vocals? Do you also have no idea how to drive a car with a manual transmission and want to change that? If you've answered "yes" to both those questions, then look no further—for YouTube channel RiffShop has made a video that's pretty much tailor-made for you. 

Combining helpful instructions for manual-transmission newcomers with brutal death metal riffs, RiffShop's legitimate-as-fuck video will have you swapping cogs and summoning Satan in no time. For those of you who do know how to drive a manually-equipped car, you'll at least appreciate that the choice of music appropriately reflects the sheer frustration that oftentimes accompanies the experience of learning how to use a manual.

Let RiffShop take it away below and pummel you with brutal blast beasts, blackened riffs, and safe, manual-transmission-driving tips.