Watch a Morgan Get Its Wood Smashed by a Small French Hatchback

When pulling out goes wrong.

byChris Tsui|
Watch a Morgan Get Its Wood Smashed by a Small French Hatchback

Driving away from Cars and Coffee can be a dangerous proposition. Mustang owners know this. Certain BMW owners know this. Most car enthusiasts with internet access knows this. Today's car-meet-exit-gone-wrong video comes from across the pond and involves one of the most British cars money can buy—a Morgan. Specifically, a Morgan 4/4 with a wooden frame. Judging from the presence of cameras, onlookers, and the car that pulls up after the Morgan, it's safe to say the Morgan driver was exiting a car meet of some sort (Cars and Crumpets, anyone?). 

Unfortunately, the exit was a little too early for an oncoming Peugeot hatchback—a 206, if I'm not mistaken—resulting in quite the collision. According to the poster, nobody was hurt.

I was filming a Morgan 4/4 pull out of a junction, when this rather scary crash happened. The Morgan tried to accelerate to get in front of the Peugeot. However the Peugeot was going down hill, and the Morgan was trying to speed up a hill, so the momentum was on neither of their sides. The speed limit along this road is 50mph for anyone wondering. The police immediately turned up and dealt with the scene, and I passed on my details to both sides as I caught the incident, but there were no injuries luckily. This shook me up quite a bit, witnessing and filming something like this.


"Oh my God... oh no", indeed.