Watch This Car Barely Avoid Being Punted Through an Intersection By a Truck

Talk about your lucky break. 

WA Police/Twitter

There's nothing worse that we can think of than sitting a red light, looking in the rearview mirror, and seeing a ginormous truck coming right at you at high speed. It's an impossible choice: Do you just sit there and watch the truck as it comes in for the impending collision? Do you try and drive out into oncoming traffic? Or do you attempt to make a run for it on foot, and hope your legs or the rest of your body doesn't get trapped in the messy impact? 

Well, we'd hope that maybe we'd wind up like the luckiest driver in the world, who was caught avoiding such a crash through remarkable circumstances in a video recorded at an intersection in West Australia.

The clip, shared on the WA Police Traffic Twitter account on Tuesday, displays a truck locking its tires up and sliding directly toward a silver hatchback that just came to a stop at a red light. Somehow, the truck manages to slide around the car that it was about to kick through the intersection and it also avoids t-boning incoming traffic from the other sides of the traffic light. 

Basically, the hatchback driver, the trucker, and the motorists entering the intersection from the other sides were all extremely lucky.