Watch This Saudi Woman Wakeboard Behind a Truck Down a Flooded Street

Saudi women now have the right to drive—and apparently, the right to shred as well.

byKyle Cheromcha|
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Saudi Arabia recently made headlines around the world after the conservative kingdom announced it would finally give women the legal right to drive—but this viral video showing a Saudi woman shredding through the flooded streets of Jeddah on a wakeboard shows they're not waiting to have a little fun.

Heavy rains pounded the western part of the Middle Eastern country on Tuesday, swamping its second-largest city with feet-high floodwaters. According to Al Jazeera, "dozens" of motorists had to be rescued from their cars, and schools, government offices, and local businesses in Jeddah have been forced to close with more rain in the forecast. It may be in the desert, but the region is prone to these types of deluges, and the drainage infrastructure can't always keep up—in 2009, 123 people were killed in particularly disastrous floods.

However, that didn't stop one woman from taking advantage of the sudden transformation of Jeddah's roads into a network of canals. Clad in a full hijab and towed behind what appears to be a Nissan Patrol, the unidentified wakeboarder is seen surfing down the street to the classic sounds of AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill," which is a perfect soundtrack to a video like this if we've ever heard one.

Given how comfortable she appears on that board, chances are this wasn't her first time. She eventually lets go and floats to a stop as the tow vehicle approaches the end of the street, which is a shame—she looks like she could have ridden that all the way to Mecca (about 62 miles from Jeddah) given the opportunity.

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